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INFUSION centers

Modernized, Patient-Centric

Welcome to Intramed Plus, where patients receive infusion therapy in a calm, relaxing environment. Committed to providing the best experience, we respect privacy and comfort while overseeing treatment.

Interior of Infusion Center in Columbia, SC

The Infusion Center Experience

Choose treatment in a comfortable environment, where you can expect individualized and knowledgeable care from our infusion center staff members. 

Free Wi-Fi

We offer complimentary Wi-Fi connection and tablets to ensure you stay connected and relaxed during your visit.

Private Suites

Available upon request, our private suites provide a tranquil and confidential environment for treatment.

Comfortable Seating

We offer comfortable seating options to promote a cozy, stress-free experience.

Convenient Parking

All our centers offer designated parking areas, ensuring that patients have convenient and hassle-free access without worrying about parking during their visit.

Patients receiving specialty infusion in Intramed Plus' infusion center

We aim to be the most trusted partner, delivering outstanding outcomes through our experienced and collaborative team.

Available treatments

Explore Our Offerings

Infusion centers treat various moderate-to-severe conditions, ranging from Alzheimer’s Disease to Multiple Sclerosis (MS). For the full list of specialty therapies, we encourage you to explore our services page below.