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Welcome to Intramed Plus! We specialize in delivering intravenous infusion services in patients’ homes or at our Infusion & Medical Centers.

For over 30 years, we’ve helped patients undergo their infusion treatments comfortably, safely, and affordably.

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Exceptional Infusion Care

Do you receive your infusion in the home or in our infusion center?

Select the correct option below:

Nurse Teaching patient how to self administer home infusion

Home Infusion

Receive the training and support needed to administer and oversee your infusion therapy at home.

Phone: (800) 767- 6337
Fax: (803) 794- 0404
Locations: View Our Locations
Services: Home Infusion Services

A person receives an infusion at an infusion center

Infusion Centers

Find supportive, personalized care in the comfort of our modern infusion centers.

Phone: (803) 999-1750
Fax: (803) 999-1754
Locations: Infusion Center Locations
Services: Infusion Center Services

Our Model

Customized Care

Upon receiving the referral, our team collaborates with providers to develop a care plan.

We consider each patient’s medical history, potential drug interactions, and lifestyle in building treatment strategies. Whether they’re receiving treatment at home or in one of our infusion center locations, each patient receives ongoing support.

Home infusion treatment

Infusion center treatment

A nurse helps a man get a home infusion

ABOUT Infusion Therapy

How Infusions Enhance Treatment

Infusions allow for direct delivery of medications or nutrients into the bloodstream, ensuring a rapid and efficient therapeutic effect.