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Intramed Plus infusion center interior location in Berkeley, SC

What We Provide

Intramed Plus Infusion Nurse with patient

A patient-first environment

The Best Possible Treatment Experience

Experience private, convenient, and expert infusion treatment at our South Carolina centers.

Experience the next level of care with our specialized biologic infusion services. At Intramed Plus Infusion & Medical Centers, we offer cutting-edge treatments administered directly into your bloodstream, providing targeted relief and improved outcomes.

Our team of specialized clinicians develop personalized care plans to ensure a safe and effective delivery of biologic infusions, tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re managing a chronic condition or seeking relief from autoimmune disorders, our biologic infusion therapies offer hope and healing. Each patient is viewed as a valued individual, whose comfort and health are paramount.

Our Difference

Comprehensive Infusion Experience

Enjoy modern facilities, efficient service, and expert care at our infusion centers for a seamless treatment journey.

Modern facilities

Our infusion centers offer comfortable seating, private rooms, WI-FI, convenient parking, and other amenities.

Prompt Service

Our Reimbursement Specialists navigate the insurance process, handling prior authorizations and verifying benefits.

Skilled Staff

Clinicians are highly experienced and undergo specialized training for the therapies we administer.

Infusion Services

Therapies and Treatment

Our infusion centers offer both general therapies and specialized treatments tailored to address specific conditions.

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Specialized Infusion Treatments for Various Indications

General Infusion Treatments