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What We Provide

Home Infusion Services

Fulfilling Patient Needs

Quality & compassion, delivered to South Carolina patients.

As an accredited home infusion provider, we specialize in caring for patients in need of infusion treatments for infections and patients needing infusion therapies for managing chronic illnesses. For all home infusion services, our team provides comprehensive support including education, training, infusion therapy monitoring and 24/7 support.

Intramed Plus nurse teaching patient to self administer home infusion antibiotic

Anti-Infective Therapies

Patients requiring anti-infective therapies to treat complex infections, short or long-term, can be managed easily in the home setting. Upon order of the physician, the Intramed Plus Team will train the patient and/or caregiver to safely administer his/her IV anti-infective therapy.

The patient and/or caregiver will receive written step-by-step instructions with one-on-one training from an experienced infusion nurse. Depending upon the length of the therapy and the patient’s homebound status, an additional nurse may be provided through a local home health nursing agency, who will be available for venous access care and therapy support.

Our pharmacists will provide clinical monitoring for proper drug dosing to ensure the best possible outcome of the therapy. Throughout the treatment, the patient’s physician is kept abreast of lab results and is consulted with progress and possible recommendations of change.

TPN therapy with ambulatory pump and pouch

Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

Intramed Plus’s Home Nutrition Support Team specializes in providing nutritional support in the home when a patient is unable to sustain a healthy nutritional status by providing Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN).

Our experienced Home Nutrition Support Team includes Clinical Dietitians (Board Certified Nutrition Support), Nurse Clinicians and Clinical Pharmacists who work to provide a comprehensive care to adult or pediatric patients who are receiving Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). Benefits provided by our Team include:

Parenteral nutrition is administered using either the CADD Solis® or Sapphire pump, both of which are portable infusion pumps capable of being programmed for continuous or intermittent medication delivery. The advantages of the CADD Solis® and Sapphire include its compact size and portability, automated medication delivery, reliability, and ability to monitor patient compliance.

Inotrope Therapy for Congestive Heart Failure

Inotrope Therapy for Congestive Heart Failure

Inotropes help improve cardiac output and circulation and are typically administered to those experiencing late-stage heart failure. We provide three types of inotrope therapies:

  • Milrinone therapy
  • Dobutamine therapy
  • Dopamine therapy

Intramed Plus home infusion nurse with cooler of home infusion medicine

Pain Management / Palliative Care

When oral, transdermal, or other pain treatment options are ineffective, infusions provide a responsive pain management therapy. We collaborate closely with physicians and/or hospice nurses to establish appropriate narcotic orders and address ongoing dose titration needs.

IV Hydration helps to restore fluid and electrolyte balance, restore the body’s normal functions and promote healing.

Chemo elastomeric device


When treating cancer, our focus lies in collaborating closely with the patient’s oncology healthcare team. Our specialized team includes dedicated pharmacists and oncology registered nurses that specialize in providing chemotherapy infusion services.

Our Difference

Why Choose Home Infusion Therapy?

Treatment at home, as opposed to inpatient setting, offers several advantages:

The ability to continue a normal lifestyle

With minimal disruption, patients can continue working, care for children, attend family or social events, and carry out other daily activities.

Lower costs

By receiving care at home, patients avoid paying for extended stays in a hospital or rehab facility.

Reduced risk for infection

Many infusion patients have weakened immune systems, whether it be from a short-term infection or long-term disease. Therapy at home minimizes exposure to others and therefore lowers the risk of contracting an infection.