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Intramed Plus Home Infusion Pharmacy Exterior in Charleston, SC

Conditions We Treat

Specialized Service

Home infusion services offer increased comfort and convenience, allowing patients to receive necessary medications in the familiar and supportive environment of their own homes.

We manage acute or chronic illnesses in adult and pediatric populations. Our experienced clinicians receive specialized training for the conditions we treat, ensuring we can meet each patient’s needs.

Conditions Requiring Anti-infectives

Treatment without hospital admission or extended hospital stay.

Our clinical team is readily available to provide outpatient support, whether patients are referred by the hospital discharge planner, the doctor’s office or the Emergency Department (ED).

Our goal is to decrease inpatient hospital length of stay, prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and reduce additional ED visits, all of which are inconvenient and costly.

We offer IV anti-infectives for various indications, including:

Intramed Plus nurse teaching patient to self administer home infusion antibiotic

Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

Intramed Plus’s Home Nutrition Support Team specializes in providing nutritional support in the home when a patient is unable to sustain a healthy nutritional status by providing Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN).
Our experienced Home Nutrition Support Team includes Clinical Dietitians (Board Certified Nutrition Support), Nurse Clinicians and Clinical Pharmacists who work to provide a comprehensive care to adult or pediatric patients who are receiving Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). Benefits provided by our Team include:

Total parental nutrition is administered by the CADD Solis® or Sapphire which is a small ambulatory infusion pump which can be programmed to deliver a continuous dose or intermittent doses of medication. Benefits of the CADD Solis® and Sapphire are it is small and ambulatory, the pump delivers the medication automatically, it is reliable and it monitors patient compliance.

Chronic conditions

Infusion care for severe illness

Home infusion can be particularly beneficial for those with chronic conditions, who may face challenges in traveling to a hospital or clinic due to physical limitations, transportation issues, or concerns about potential exposure to infections in hospital settings.

Congestive Heart Failure

Managing congestive heart failure often involves a complex medication regimen, and receiving treatment at home allows for increased flexibility and convenience.

Intramed Plus offers home inotrope therapies (Milrinone, Dobutamine, Dopamine) primarily for patients in Stage D Heart Failure. This includes individuals awaiting LVAD placement or Heart Transplant, or those who have chosen a home-based approach as part of their Palliative Care plan in alignment with their end-of-life wishes.


Infusion treatment for cancer can vary based on the type of cancer, its stage, and the patient’s health. That’s why we work closely with the provider’s oncology healthcare team to develop a personalized plan.

Our team includes oncology registered nurses, who are specifically trained in chemotherapy infusions.

Immunodeficiencies & Autoimmune Disorders

Patients afflicted with immune system disorders can benefit greatly from Immunoglobulin therapy. This type of reoccurring treatment works by supplementing or replacing deficient antibodies, which boosts the immune response and prevents infection.

Immunoglobulins can be administered subcutaneously (injection under the skin) or intravenously (infusion into the bloodstream).